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Managed Services

IT Support is a tedious task and can be the difference between productivity and lack thereof. 



Ukuvuma Solutions can handle your IT and ensure you are productive at all times. With multiple models of support, Ukuvuma Solutions has the capability to offer IT support services to companies big or small. 

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Ukuvuma Solutions offers IT Management and Support at a fixed monthly cost. Systems management is more than just monitoring and patching. A complete, proactive and automated Managed IT Services systems management strategy can eliminate many of the tedious manual tasks typically associated with IT maintenance, allowing IT professionals to improve efficiencies, increase performance, reduce risk and manage growth. Our support methodology includes an agent that performs the following functionality:

  • Automate all your IT tasks on user Workstations and Servers
  • Fixed Price model per Workstation/Server
  • Block unwanted applications being installed on Workstations, preventing malware/spyware by setting up Desktop Policy management
  • Remote support with no interruption to your employees
  • Automated and managed backup and recovery solutions
  • Full hardware and software Audit and Inventory at the click of a button
  • Hardware monitoring that notifies us of possible issues before they arise
  • Automated Antivirus, Antimalware and Security solutions to fit your unique needs
  • Software deployment and updates
  • Cross platform maintenance and support
  • Mobile device management & support
  • Network Monitoring, Network Bandwidth monitor, Disk, CPU & memory utilization


Finding proficient and qualified IT professionals to support your environment and take you forward can be a tedious task, not to mention the administration behind employment, contractual obligations and possible disciplinary issues. Take the pain away from your company and lay it into the capable hands of Ukuvuma Solutions.

By analysing your environment and exact requirements, Ukuvuma Solutions can put forward a technician with the required skill and knowledge to support your environment effectively and offer the following:

  • Documentation of your environment, effectively handing over to a new technician under any circumstance without losing any critical knowledge or information
  • Replacement of resources based on client satisfaction or change of requirement
  • A comprehensive helpdesk with advanced escalation and notification processes
  • Skilled helpdesk technicians in order to promote speedy response times and resolution
  • Effective change management processes to be put in place
  • ICT Consulting and strategy
  • Account management services and monthly reporting


Ukuvuma Solutions offers a full turnkey solution within IT Infrastructure ranging from the sale of hardware, to the setup thereof. Our specialised technicians and consultants can advise you on how to get your company where you want it to be taking in to consideration:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Cloud Technologies
  • Networks and Infrastructure
  • Enterprise email and advanced infrastructure


Ukuvuma Solutions dynamic setup of support services and technicians allows us to see to any ad-hoc calls speedily and effectively. In the event that you find yourself with ICT issues and no support services, Ukuvuma Solutions can offer you effective remote or on-site support at a reasonable hourly rate. Based on the issue experienced we can assign the relevant skilled technician to see to your call and keep you updated along the way.


Ukuvuma Solutions provides specialised services and support around advanced systems and infrastructure from setup and configuration to support and maintenance on all of the following advanced platforms:

  • Messaging & Communications
  • Virtualization
  • Data Center Engineering & Architecture
  • Network Engineering & Architecture
  • Storage Engineering & Architecture
  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineering & Administration
  • System Management and Engineering

Help me with my environment!

Support Consultation