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The proactive approach is no longer a“pie-in-the-sky” concept

When it comes to IT Support, the unfortunate reputation of problems, user disruption and downtime is the norm many companies have come to expect. The reality is that technology and specifically the maintenance thereof has progressed in leaps and bounds and Ukuvuma Solutions has been on the forefront of embracing the proactive maintenance approach with minimal user disruption.

We believe that prevention is better than cure and the key is to ensure that a thorough preventative maintenance schedule is setup in order to ensure that the critical points of failure are continuously monitored and not only attended to when downtime is experienced.

By means of fixed cost remote monitoring and support, Ukuvuma Solutions ensures machines are optimally setup and configured in order to guarantee high levels of uptime.

All workstations\notebooks and servers are installed with an agent that proactively identifies problems on machines allowing us to as far as possible resolve problems remotely before downtime occurs.

The effective approach adopted and mastered by Ukuvuma Solutions has been to implement the following:

  • 24/7 Network and Desktop monitoring, maintenance and standby support staff.
  • Physical server, Virtual Server and underlying infrastructure monitoring and maintenance
  • Management and reporting on desktop and server hardware warranties
  • IT Asset register purges using the monitoring agent
  • Change management processes to ensure any changes are documented and approved
  • Strategic ICT consulting to ensure continuous progress of the environment
  • Effective helpdesk coordination and escalation
  • Application whitelisting and blacklisting to ensure optimum hardware efficiency and security.
  • Anti-virus monitoring and reporting
  • Patch Management and Update Management schedules using the monitoring agent to ensure protected and up to date environments
  • Backup monitoring and maintenance.

The model is focused on maintaining the environment and systems to such an extent that less time is spent on looking at what happened, and more time at where we are going.

These concepts and approaches to IT support are no longer terms thrown around with no substance to them, but rather real and tangible strategies which can be put in to place right now.

Ukuvuma Solutions on the forefront of embracing the proactive maintenance approach with minimal user disruption.


Microsoft PowerApps is a microservice for building and using custom business apps that connect to your data and work across the web and mobile – without the time and expense of custom software development.

Gone are the days where Business had a requirement and IT had to deliver the perceived solution. Business Processes are now designed and driven by the owners of the system from start to finish.

This was made possible by Microsoft by providing users with a platform which allows individuals to address business requirements by creating applications with minimal technical skill or ability.

Using PowerApps with a Business Process Profiling engine, Ukuvuma Solutions has successfully deployed enterprise-grade systems which are configurable, lightweight and more importantly mobile while requiring little to no training to users.

The term technology agnostic has never been more applicable. Regardless of the systems used to store and manage the actual data, this can be connected to PowerApps and the business profiling engine to deliver effective business process management systems.

Ukuvuma Solutions believes that Microsoft PowerApps is to business apps as Microsoft PowerPoint is to presentations. Embracing this technology sooner rather than later can only benefit users and organizations, as it is to become the de facto standard for business applications.

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